Mayor Kevin Faulconer announces San Diego set a new record for road repairs

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) —  San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer held a new conference in Encanto to discuss the progress made in road repairs across San Diego. Mayor Faulconer set a goal of repairing 1000 miles of road over a five year span, and the city has already eclipsed a quarter of that goal in the 11 months since the project began. 

"Today we’re very proud to announce a new milestone. Last year I set a goal of fixing 1000 miles of roads over five years," Faulconer said. "Today, I am thrilled to announce that we are already a quarter of the way done in just 11 months. We have repaired more than 250 miles of roads since we launched this initiative last July. We have set a San Diego road repair record; the most miles in the shortest amount of time in modern history."

Mayor Faulconer noted that road repair progress will be dictated by data collected across neighborhoods requiring infrastructure improvements, not political agendas. He also announced that funding for repairs will triple in 2017. 

"We’re investing $10 million in our communities every week. In fact, the number of construction projects is at the highest level in a decade. In this year alone, we’re investing nearly half a billion dollars to rebuild our neighborhood infrastructure."

"Together we are turning our city around. We are fixing our roads and infrastructure. We are giving our neighborhoods the attention they deserve and the investments that they require, and today is proof of that."

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