Mayor Kevin Faulconer announces three large tent shelters for homeless in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — With San Diego’s homeless crisis seemingly worsening by the day and now 16 deaths attributed to the Hepatitis-A outbreak, mayor Kevin Faulconer gave a major announcement Wednesday.

Hundreds of homeless will be temporarily housed in three large industrial tents in the Downtown and Midway areas.

Standing at one of the three sites where the tents will be erected, mayor Faulconer acknowledged that not everyone will be happy with the locations, but one reason the homeless crisis has worsened is that those involved in the issue have tried to please all sides

“Frankly we can’t take any more time worrying what group will be offended,  lives are on the line, we need to take action,” the mayor said.

The tents can hold at least a 100 people and up to 250.  One of the tents will be erected in a parking lot at 14th and Commercial owned by Father Joe’s Villages.

A second downtown tent will be operated by the Alpha Project and located at 16th street and Newton Avenue.

The third, run by Veterans Village of San Diego will be in the 2700 block of Sports Arena Boulevard, in the Midway District, behind a Goodwill store.

The mayor hopes to have at least one up and running by December and maybe all three.

The plan involves a public-private partnership that has been in the works ever since Padres managing partner Peter Seidler and restaurateur Dan Shea proposed the idea– but the hepatitis A scare certainly helped speed up the process.

The duo has committed $1.5 million for the tents. The bridge shelters, as they’re being called will have showers, restrooms and hand-washing stations.

Part of a long-term plan is to build and acquire 2,000 units.

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