Mayor Paloma Aguirre Op-Ed: Government leaders need to take the Tijuana Sewage crisis seriously

IMPERIAL BEACH (KUSI) – Raw sewage and pollution has impacted Imperial Beach, as both the beaches and locals take on its detrimental effects.

Imperial Beach Mayor Paloma Aguirre has prioritized the issue since being elected, and has already written two letters to Governor Gavin Newsom requesting he declare a state of emergency over the Tijuana Sewage crisis. Newsom denied her first request, and the second was just sent last week, so she is still awaiting a response.

Mayor Aguirre has since published and op-ed about the crisis in the San Diego Union-Tribune, where she asserts that the people of Imperial Beach “have the right to live a healthy, normal life, just as anyone else in America.”

Aguirre’s piece starts, “Opening your window at night in hope of a cool breeze during a hot summer night is not uncommon. Doing so in Imperial Beach is no longer an option. The once-occasional stench of sewage has now become commonplace.”

Mayor Aguirre discussed her op-ed and explained why she is now trying to get the attention of both President Biden and Governor Newsom, with KUSI’s Lauren Phinney on Good Morning San Diego.


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