Mayor Sanders takes fireworks cause national

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – The city's mayor made an appeal Tuesday to save fireworks displays from potentially being put out of business by permitting regulations and environmental laws.

Mayor Jerry Sanders appeared on Fox News Channel to advocate the city's right to hold Fourth of July fireworks displays, including one at La Jolla Cove, despite a judge's ruling the city must abide by state environmental laws when issuing permits for firework displays.

“We have a million people on the beaches in San Diego on Fourth of July, and this will put a hamper on a lot of that,” Sanders said.

A Superior Court judge issued the ruling after environmentalists sued the firework shows' organizers and the city, claiming the process failed to follow the California Environmental Quality Act. They said the fireworks are shot off next to a marine sanctuary, generating debris that harms sea life.

The ruling potentially means that all organizers of fireworks shows in San Diego will have to file environmental impact reports before receiving city permits, which may put the shows out of business because of costs involved.

The city will appeal the ruling, Sanders said.

“This just doesn't make any sense at all,” he said. “Its an abuse of the laws that turned this into some kind of sham.”

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