Mayor Todd Gloria will give mayoral proclamation to first restaurant who requires vaccination for customers

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Over the weekend, it was announced that a San Jose restaurant is the first in the state to require all of its customers to be vaccinated.

Pediatrician, and professor at UCSD Health, Christopher Longhurst, tweeted a screenshot of the news, adding that he will bring his personal business to the first restaurant/bar that does this in San Diego.

Mayor Todd Gloria, a strong supporter of Gavin Newsom’s lockdowns and coronavirus regulations, replied to the tweet saying that he will give a “mayoral proclamation” to the first restaurant/bar to enact the policy in San Diego.

Mayor Gloria’s tweet sparked outrage on KUSI’s social platforms, the overwhelming majority of which were strongly against this policy.

KUSI reached out to Mayor Gloria’s office for comment, but was ignored.

Mayor Gloria hasn’t accepted any of our interview requests since taking office.

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