Mayor Todd Gloria’s homeless policies are failing San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Monday, a homeless woman was found dead beneath the I-5 overpass in Little Italy, authorities reported.

The homeless death in Little Italy is just the latest example of San Diego’s worsening crisis, but San Diego’s elected leaders insist on saying they are fixing the situation.

For example, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and Supervisor Nathan Fletcher continue to tout the construction of new housing facilities and state funding as evidence they are taking the issue seriously, but the crisis has only gotten worse.

It took months for San Diego County to remove a criminal homeless camp outside of El Cajon, despite rampant drug use and two girls claiming they were raped. And

Currently, there is a record number of deaths among homeless people in San Diego County, excluding natural deaths and deaths from COVID-19. Homeless advocate Michael McConnell has followed the situation closer than anyone, and blasted Mayor Gloria and Supervisor Fletcher for their silence on the tragedy.

Just over a month ago, Gloria, Fletcher and other elected leaders held a press conference announcing the beginning of construction on a 150 bed bridge shelter in San Diego’s Midway District.

On Good Morning San Diego, Michael McConnell told KUSI’s Ed Lenderman that these shelters are great, but by the time construction is completed, more than 150 people became homeless. Meaning, they are not fixing the situation.

McConnell has been critical of the city and county’s homelessness response, as he wants to address the problem with compassion. McConnell regularly publishes videos of San Diego Police conducting “sweeps,” where they force homeless people out of their encampments, sometimes even taking and destroying their belongings.

Early Tuesday morning, McConnell was in the Midway District where the homeless encampment is bigger than ever, despite Mayor Gloria ordering City crews to clean up the area a few months ago. McConnell highlighted the fact that this isn’t just a downtown San Diego issue anymore, and pointed to the large homeless encampments throughout the city.

McConnell broke down what he believes is causing our homeless crisis and why he is critical of Mayor Gloria & Supervisor Fletcher’s leadership on Good Morning San Diego (below).

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