McMillin Realty short sale and foreclosure seminars

McMillin Realty prides itself on being a South Bay San Diego real estate leader, providing a wide range of services to clients that cover all transaction types. McMillin Realty agents are short sale certified specialists, having gone through extensive training and education to stay up to date on the guidelines, laws, and circumstances that surround short sales and foreclosures. On top of a thorough knowledgebase, McMillin agents have successfully completed transactions in this area, giving them the experience and expertise required to professionally consult on any situation.

It is vital for homeowners who are weighing their options to choose an agent with experience in completing these types of transactions and discuss the best course of action. The decision to short sell a home needs to be thoroughly examined, with all options weighed. “Our agents' knowledge of short sales and foreclosures allows them to give the best advice possible,” said Isabel Hall, Vice President of McMillin Realty, “Their experience benefits our clients, who can trust that we have the best interest of them and their family in mind. We are proud to welcome Joe Schmoe ”

As part of a community outreach program, McMillin Realty is sponsoring free seminars on short sales and foreclosures. The first seminar is taking place Thursday, March 29th at the Bonita Library from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Experts on tax and credit implications of short sales will be discussing short sales, foreclosures, best options, and buying later. There will also be a question and answer session. For more information, click here.

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