Measure E supporters tout value of sports entertainment district

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Supporters of Measure E brought out the steel drums at a news conference to tout their plans for the SDCCU stadium site in Mission Valley.

Next month, voters will choose between two competing measures for development of the 253 acres in the heart of Mission Valley: Measure E and Measure G, also known as the SDSU West plan.

At a news conference on Thursday, backers of Measure E fleshed out their vision for an entertainment district tied to the 31,000 seat soccer stadium.

A promotional video released by the SoccerCity campaign shows an area with an outdoor stage, restaurants, bars and lots of venues for live music.

SoccerCity project manager Nick Stone said the area would be modeled on similar developments in Los Angeles, Memphis, Atlanta and Austin, Texas. Stone said the plan would give San Diegans a hub for live entertainment and music, which is something that the competing plan known as Measure G can’t provide. “In SDSU West, this doesn’t exist. It’s just more condos,” Stone said.

Brian Wahlstrom, the president of a online music platform called Gigtown said local musicians would also benefit by having more venues and places to perform. “You can really tell the difference between a music-centric city and one that is not. I’ve always known the talent is here in San Diego. It’s just a matter of getting everyone in one place, Wahlstrom said

On the fiscal side, Stone said Measure E would be a better choice since it would generate 22 million dollars a year in tax profits for local governments and schools.

In contrast, he said the SDSU West development would pay no property taxes.

Aside from the dollars and cents, supporters of SoccerCity say the vision behind their plan promises more fun. “Hundreds of thousands of people will find this valuable and will come,” Stone said.

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