Measure G supporters hold rally for the Del Mar bluff project

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A group of San Diego business owners showed up at a news conference to encourage Del Mar’s 2,371 registered voters to approve Measure G, which covers about a quarter of the available acreage on the bluff along Camino Del Mar.

The project, known as Marisol, allows for 65 hotel guest rooms, 31 villas (27 of which could be available for hotel use), 22 affordable housing units, 10 low-cost visitor accommodations, and 408 street parking spaces.

The plan also has public restrooms, a beach sand nourishment plan and public art.

Supporters of the measure say it would bring much-needed business to the area. Those opposed say the site should be left alone, especially because of already unstable bluffs in the area, leaving many residents worried.

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