Medical teams at Rady Children’s Hospital train for emergencies by using simulation dolls

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Medical teams at Rady Children’s Hospital are training for real emergencies by using simulation dolls.

These are real-life scenarios from the E-R playing out during training. Medical Teams at Rady Children’s Hospital train inside the Center for Innovative Learning on the most technologically advanced simulation dolls. The dolls are life-like child or baby also referred to as a”sim baby.”  They can talk, breath, cry and even turn blue.

Tamara Sayegh is an RN at Rady Children’s Hospital.  She says the sim dolls have helped them come a long way. “It helps us to analyze what we do.  For instance, 20 years ago if we were doing compressions, we could not tell if they were effective.”

What happens in this simulation room, is like the real deal. The dolls or babies even have names. In this case we observe, it’s Angelica. Angelica is a newborn who has stopped breathing and is in the process of dying.

“They are doing chest compressions because they are having to circulate the baby’s blood because she is not doing it herself” says Dr. Charles Sauer the director of the Neonatal Simulation Room.

Sauer says “we need to have our resuscitation skills as best as they can be and we need to practice in order to do that.  We need the situation to practice to be as realistic as possible.”

“To be able to use our capabilities and science with technology this is a true gift” says Sayegh.


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