Meet Chele Teabout from the Challenged Athletes Foundation

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Challenged Athletes Foundation has raised over $300,000 in the first week and has accumulated a ton of swim, bike, run and roll miles as well. The goal is one million miles and one million dollars raised.

Chele had undergone so many surgeries and had been trying to keep her leg for so long that it really took a toll on her daughter. One time they were at the hospital for another operation and her daughter crawled up on the bed and said to Chele: “Mommy, will you be broken forever?’ That was an emotional time for Chele.

She finally got up the courage to reach out to CAF and ask for a grant for a handcycle. As soon as she pushed send, Nico from CAF and Operation Rebound reached out to her and invited her to San Diego for our San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

She had never been west of the Mississippi in her life and some strange man who she had never met was talking to her about flying to the west coast and coming to an event she knew very little about. She was a tad worried to say the least.

The first day she was with us was the finish of the Million Dollar Challenge Bike Ride in La Jolla.

That weekend it took a number of people to carry a very overweight Chele Teabout to the ocean at La Jolla Shores and she did her fist swim with the challenged athlete foundation.

She was petrified. Then the clouds opened up and a ray of sunshine warmed her up while she was swimming and she knew her life was about to change for the better.

She has completed at least 11 triathlons since.

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