Meet the new General Manager of Otay Water District

SPRING VALLEY (KUSI) – The Otay Water District Board of Directors recently elected new officers to lead the District’s Board for 2020.

The Board elected board member Gary Croucher, who represents division 3, as president. The Board also elected board member Mark Robak, serving division 5, as vice president and Mitch Thompson, serving division 2, as treasurer.

Croucher’s election as president follows one year of Board leadership under past president Mitch Thompson. He will serve as president through January 2021 when officer elections will again take place.

“The District sets a respectable example as one of the finest run agencies in the state,” said Croucher. “As president, I look forward to working with my fellow Board members to guide the District in recruiting and selecting a new general manager who will help support our agency’s mission of providing exceptional service to our customers, managing our resources in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner, thus continuing to be one of the lowest cost water and sewer providers in the County.”

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