Men’s health for Heart Month

Men’s health advocate Craig Cooper joined Good Morning San Diego to talk about what men can do to improve their heart health.

Craig Cooper is a serial entrepreneur (he co-founded Boost Mobile). He is an author, a television host, and a venture capitalist. But above all Craig is a survivor. He was in a coma when he was nine for a month. He nearly lost his left leg when he was 11. He had heart surgery when he was 18. And now, he contributes to many great causes for men, and much of his attention is focused on men’s heart health.

Craig’s book is called “Your New Prime.”

Five routines all men should adopt:

1. Meditate. Heart Fact: Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can lower heart rate and blood pressure while reducing harmful hormones. … The latest research confirms that people who practice meditation are significantly less likely to have a heart attack or stroke or die within five years.

2. Monitor. Heart Fact: Monitoring and knowing your heart rate can be an important heart-health gauge. Even if you’re not an athlete, knowledge about your heart rate can help you monitor your fitness level — and it might even help you spot developing health problems.

3. Fuel. Heart fact: A healthy diet and lifestyle are your best weapons to fight cardiovascular disease. It’s not as hard as you may think!

4. Supplement. Heart Fact: Even if you have a history of family heart disease, a good supplement plan isn’t the only thing you’ll need – far from it – but it’s a great addition to a heart-healthy lifestyle.

5. Make Mini-Goals. Heart Fact: Men spend a significant time reaching goals in their early life and as you get older you may not recognize the needs for accomplishments to help keep physical and mental skills sharp. Make smart, measurable and attainable goals to monitor your health to have better progress.

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