Mental health consultant to Let them play CA pushes for youth sports to resume amid pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Members from a statewide Facebook page “Let Them Play,” which has nearly 30,000 followers are asking for a chance to have sports play out this academic year.

Prep sports have not happened on high school campuses since March, when the coronavirus pandemic first took hold, shuttering schools.

Mental health therapist and mental health consultant to Let them play CA, Dr. Melanie Burkholder, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the impact COVID-19 restrictions have had on student athletes.

Burkholder said a new survey she conducted shows a negative impact on the mental health of the athletes as well as their academic learning.

“The survey also showed 91.8% decline in motivation, 74.8% increase in anxiety, 66.1% show signs of depression – all due to the lockdown. A full 97% of the 1447 respondents said that their child’s mental and physical health would improve if they could play sports,” according to Burkholder.

To take the survey follow link:

Prep sports will need clearance from the California Department of Public Health to resume full competition.

The CDPH announced last month that prep sports in California would not start before Jan. 25, per its updated youth sports guidelines.

Sports such as football will not be allowed until counties are in the orange reopening tier.

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