Meth is the deadliest drug on the street, but business is booming in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego was once known as the methamphetamine capital of the world. Now Mexico is the kingpin. In fact the meth business is booming because of a basic economic principle: supply and demand.

Methamphetamine dominates the drug world as the deadliest and most addictive drug on the street. In 2018, close to 500 people died from the drug. That’s up more than 30 percent from the year before. Over the same time frame, 41 people died from opioid overdoses.

In San Diego, the amount of meth seized by officials has more than tripled from 2013 to 2018. Last year, nearly 21,000 kilograms of meth was taken off the streets.

Meth creates toxic effects in the body including tremors, chest pain, high blood pressure and irreversible damage to the brain or the heart. Long term use results in organ damage in addition to causing a person to feel suicidal. According to the experts, the damage goes much deeper.

The DEA says the number one way to combat the growing demand for meth is education.

They conduct hundreds of outreach presentations to schools and community groups throughout the year, but parents, coaches and adults needs to have those tough conversations and teach kids about the dangers of drugs.

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