Meth use among female arrestees at 19-year high

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Methamphetamine is making a huge comeback in San Diego. A recent study by SANDAG shows that meth use among female arrestees is at a 19-year high.

The reasons according to the DEA are three-fold resulting in ‘The Perfect Storm”: Meth coming into San Diego has never been cheaper, has never been so potent and has never been more available.

In years past when San Diego County was known as the meth Capital of the U.S., the toxic drug was cooked up here in labs. Now it’s made in Mexico and smuggled across the border, which is why the cost is so low in San Diego. A pound of meth in San Diego goes for about $1,000 compared to $7,000 in Tennessee.

According to DEA Special Agent in Charge Karen Flowers, the meth problem in San Diego County is way worse than the opioid epidemic.

So how does a meth addict get clean? Former meth addict Lisa Richards, who injected meth while pregnant, told KUSI her recovery was based not on rehab, but faith in a higher power.

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