Michael Curran discusses San Diego restaurant employee shortages

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After battling volatile tier regulations since the onset of the pandemic, San Diego’s restaurants are now facing a different struggle: employee shortages.

Despite reopened efforts, many previous restaurant workers are electing to not rejoin the industry.

Attorney Michael Curran from Curran & Curran Law has been a legal advocate for many restaurants facing pandemic closures since early December 2020.

There’s no incentive for these restaurant workers to go back to work, Curran explained, adding that San Diegans need to get back to work.

Restaurant workers and employees are striking under the table deals in which restaurant owners allow employees to keep their unemployment benefits while only working for tips, Curran said, adding that these deals are illegal.

Curran joined KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez to discuss the ways San Diego restaurants are facing new pandemic-era challenges.

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