Microsoft goes ‘Woke,’ adds autocorrect feature that changes “offensive” words

Microsoft has added a new feature to its word software that functions as an “inclusiveness checker.”

It suggests “politically correct” alternatives to unharmful language that allegedly upsets people in the world.

Microsoft Word traditionally offered tools for checking software for spelling, punctuation and grammar, a feature that we have come to love, and expect to help us out.

But now, Microsoft has incorporated a feature that looks through a user’s work and determines whether the words used may offend someone.

The feature displays a purple line beneath potentially troublesome words or phrases.

Luckily, it can be switched on and off in word’s settings.

Microsoft’s new function will suggest more acceptable alternatives, such as changing “postman” to “mailman,” or “postal worker.”

A notable change is that the function will switch astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous quote from, “one giant leap to mankind,” to “humankind” or “humanity” instead.

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