Middle school students arrested for setting off fake explosives

CHULA VISTA (KUSI) – Four Eastlake Middle School students face possible criminal charges Thursday following their arrests on suspicion of setting off a makeshift explosive device at the South Bay campus.

The boys allegedly caused the blast at the Chula Vista intermediary school prior to classes Wednesday morning by mixing several chemicals together in a two-liter soda bottle, according to police. No injuries or property damage resulted, Lt. Dan Peak said.

A sheriff’s bomb squad determined the origin of the potentially destructive explosion.

“All of the students later admitted to the incident and were cooperative with the investigation,” Peak said. “The investigation also revealed the students did not intend to (cause any) harm … but the explosion could have been very dangerous by causing serious injury, burns or cuts to an unsuspecting victim.”

The suspects, whose identities were withheld because they are minors, were arrested on suspicion of felony charges of possessing and detonating a destructive device in a manner that could cause injury, the lieutenant said.

The boys were released to the custody of their parents pending juvenile court proceeding in the case.

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