Migrants being dumped at San Diego homeless shelters

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Friday, San Diego Homeless Advocate Michael McConnell tweeted his first-hand account of migrants being “dumped” at a homeless shelter in San Diego.

Homelessness is one of the hottest topics in San Diego County politics, especially in relation to the upcoming elections.

Under Mayor Todd Gloria’s leadership, the City of San Diego has a record high 1,609 homeless people living in downtown alone. The situation is so bad, that even iconic San Diegans like Bill Walton have been left with no choice but to publicly call out Mayor Gloria for his failures.

In addition to the homelessness crisis, Mayor Gloria’s policies have resulted in a housing crisis, and record high rents for taxpaying San Diegans. And every chance Gloria gets, he converts old hotels/motels to homeless shelters, limiting the supply of housing for San Diegans. Following the simple law of supply and demand, this obviously leads to increased rents.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Golden Hall at the San Diego Civic Center, was converted into a homeless shelter, and is still home to upwards of 400 people this day. But if the San Diego Civic Center were to be destroyed and reconstructed, as some are pushing for, where would these 400-500 people go?

Despite touting himself as a compassionate person, just two months ago, Mayor Todd Gloria was caught on video by Michael McConnell, ignoring dozens of homeless residents trying to speak with him in downtown.

KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with homeless advocate Michael McConnell, who dedicates his life to helping the homeless, is concerned these Somali migrants are being tossed to the curb by our leadership, and will quickly become part of San Diego’s record high homeless population unless something is done.

Luckily for these two men, McConnell was able to find them and get a sponsor to get them out of the homeless shelter.

McConnell explains to KUSI’s Dan Plante that “it makes no sense” that migrants are being dumped into the homeless system.

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A quick drive through San Diego’s East Village, and you will see exactly why people are outraged.




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