Military’s modern weapons system to deploy from San Diego

CORONADO (CNS) – Two of the military’s most modern weapons systems will deploy together for the first time later this month when the littoral combat ship USS Fort Worth takes to sea from San Diego carrying a MQ-8B Fire Scout unmanned autonomous helicopter, the Navy announced Thursday.

While vessels of the new LCS line have deployed before, this will be the first time they will carry the Fire Scout, according to the Navy.

According to recent news reports, the Navy will be conducting sea trials of the Fire Scout during the deployment.

Littoral combat ships are designed for fighting in coastal waters and can be reconfigured for different types of missions, including the carrying of helicopters. A more standard manned chopper, the an MH-60R, will also accompany the Fort Worth.

According to the Navy, the Fire Scout has a range and endurance advantage over the MH-60R.

The detachment belongs to the “Magicians” of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 35, which was formed last year. Another detachment in HSM-35, solely in MH-60s, made the squadron’s maiden deployment last week aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Sampson.

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