Minimal travelers going through San Diego International Airport amid coronavirus outbreak

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – We have documented in recent weeks how the Coronavirus has severely impacted the airlines. But even so, our observation of San Diego International Airport traffic this Thursday morning was one of surprise.

We were live on Good Morning San Diego to talk about the President’s announced travel ban.  But we couldn’t help but notice that at 6:30 a.m., when many of the day’s flights are taking place, the curbs in front of the terminals had only a few vehicles at any one time. No two-deep cars with other drivers waiting for someone to pull out.

Airport workers and a frequent business traveler confirmed that this was the most empty they’d seen of the terminals.  As much perspective and common sense that many of us are trying to keep on the outbreak, Wednesday was apparently a flash point for many who were planning to travel.  First was President Trump’s Oval Office Address, but then came the suspension of the NBA season after a Utah Jazz player tested positive for the virus.

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson announced that had contracted Corona in Australia.  And the day had already included a decision that March Madness would take place in empty arenas.  But for the McDonald family, while acknowledging some concerns, a long planned visit with family in Texas wasn’t going to be cancelled, as long as everyone had handi-wipes and each member was encouraging the other of their constant use.

As Will and Ruth McDonald told me, their daughter by their sides, “You know, it’s always in the back of your mind and then all of the news coverage.  But you just have to be clean. (We) have our sanitizers. And we’re reminding each other to use them.”

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