Minimum wage petition deception?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Supporters continue to charge signature gatherers with lying to the public, while opponents say supporters are intimidating people who stop to sign their petitions, in the continuing battle over minimum wage.

Many expect the battle to continue for the next eight days until the signature deadline.

When the City Council passed the wage hike, the Small Business Coalition announced it could collect 34,000 signatures to put this issue before the voters.

Raise-Up San Diego immediately began a campaign to keep it off the ballot, and sent its people out to persuade voters to not sign the petitions.

Raise-Up volunteer Lori Saldana says the council passed the minimum wage raise, so there’s no need to go to the voters.

Saldana said “Are we going to be governed by deep pocket interests who cheat, lie and say anything to get signatures, including from people who now realize they were deceived?”

Anita Simons of La Jolla was told she was signing to raise the minimum wage.

“What he showed me was the actual ordinance, and then I said, oh, okay this looks legit,” said Simons.

But she signed the petition form.

Marilisa Navarro was asked to sign at the Target store, was told it was to raise the minimum wage.

“I support the minimum wage increase, so I thought, sure, this sounds like a great idea,” said Navarro.

Both ladies said they had not read the petition before signing it.

The entire truth has a habit of being massaged when dealing with political issues. Yet, despite the aggressive tactics from both sides, when someone signs their name to a document, no excuses, its on them.

“You’re right its on them, they have the right to sign, they have a right to take it back, and we are promoting the right to take it back,” says Saldana.

There is evidence signature gatherers have been harassed, and aggressive tactics have been used to persuade voters not to sign the petitions.

A police report has been filed over the theft of a petition form that was later returned.

Opponents say they are ahead of schedule in collecting signatures, and their schedule was 50,000 signatures to make sure they end up with the 34,000 valid signatures they need to get this on the ballot.

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