Minor crashes car, flees, sparks fire at Spring Valley gas pump

The Chevron station at Sweetwater Springs Blvd.

SPRING VALLEY (KUSI) – A boy was arrested early this morning in Spring Valley after he allegedly stole his family’s pickup truck, fled from police with no headlights on and crashed into a gas station, sparking a fire at one of the pumps, authorities said.

It began about 12:30 a.m. when a sheriff’s patrol deputy attempted to stop a green Toyota Tacoma pickup for driving without headlights on Jamacha Boulevard near Pointe Parkway, Sgt. Scott Roller said. The driver refused to yield and sped northbound toward Sweetwater Springs Boulevard.

At that intersection, the pickup ran a red light as the driver attempted to turn left onto Sweetwater Springs Boulevard, Roller said. But the driver lost control of the truck and it jumped a curb into the Chevron gas station, where it continued through the lot until crashing into a gas pump.

“This impact disabled the vehicle and started a gas fire,” Roller said. “The driver exited the vehicle disoriented and was taken into custody by the pursuing sheriff’s patrol unit.”

Investigators put initial damage estimates to the gas pump at $200,000, the sergeant said.

Deputies later determined the driver was a juvenile who had stolen his family’s pickup, Roller said. His name and age were not released, but he was arrested and booked into juvenile hall on suspicion of vehicle theft and felony reckless evading.

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