Missing Israeli soldier is dead

Israel’s military says a soldier believed to have been captured by Hamas militants is dead. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing to fight against Hamas to restore peace in his country.

The latest news comes as fighting in Gaza continues to show no signs of ending. 50 Palestinians are reportedly dead after renewed Israeli shelling prompted by accusations that Hamas militants captured an Israeli soldier and killed two fellow soldiers just hours into what was supposed to be a humanitarian cease-fire.

An Israeli official said the missing soldier was “abducted” by Palestinian militants when his unit was getting ready to destroy a tunnel between Gaza and Israel was ambushed.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minster spoke with the family of Israeli Army 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin to reassure them he understood their feelings. “The state of Israel will continue doing everything in order to bring our kidnapped soldiers home,” said Netanyahu.

President Obama, U.N. Chief Ban Ki-Moon and others have accused Hamas of violating the cease-fire and had called for the soldier’s immediate and unconditional release.

It is no doubt a difficult lost for the soldier’s family.

A Palestinian delegation is reportedly en route to Cairo for negotiations on the Gaza conflict; however, an Israeli official said Israel will not be sending negotiators to Cairo because they believe “there is no point trying to reach a truce with Hamas.”

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