Volunteers begin to search Big Bear for missing Santee man

Still no sign of a missing Santee man, last seen Friday night at a cabin he rented with his family at Big Bear. Family members believe he may be suffering from a concussion and possibly amnesia.

It's now been six days since 22-year-old Bryson Lukacik disappeared. At this point, it doesn't appear to be a case of foul play, but certainly, if he's out there in the winter elements lost, time is of the essence.

Big Bear Mountain Resort is a popular ski destination for San Diegans. Located just 3 hours away in San Bernardino County, it seemed like the perfect spot for a Thanksgiving weekend getaway for Bryson Lukacik, his father, and his father's girlfriend. But after snowboarding all day Friday without a helmet, Bryson informed the others that at some point he had hit his head. As the night wore on, Bryson became more incoherent, his family said he became disoriented, he believed he was back in Santee, when he discovered he actually wasn't, Bryson decided he was walking home.

After debating wit his family, Bryson walked back downstairs to go to bed in the cabin they're renting. His parents say they heard the front door close and by the time they got their boots and jackets back on he was gone.

Bryson played baseball for El Capitan High School and continues to play in a semi-pro league.   Other than the possible head injury, his father says he's extremely fit, and very capable of surviving the winter conditions. But, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has turned up no sign of him.

The Rock Church in Point Loma together with Foothills Church in El Cajon are organized a volunteer search effort for Thursday morning. Anyone who can help is asked to be at the Best Western in Big Bear at 7AM, just be sure you dress for true winter conditions.

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