Mission Beach adds second trash pickup to combat fly problem

MISSION BEACH (KUSI) — Relief is on the way to residents in Mission Beach who have long been affected by an increase in flies during the summer months.

The San Diego City Council has added a second trash pick-up and extra street sweepings in an attempt to combat fly infestations in Mission Beach.

Starting July 8, trash will be collected Tuesdays and Saturday through September 26. Street sweeping will clean alleyways every Wednesday.

“This is what we’re talking about, these cans were emptied two days ago, that’s why its so important for twice a week and street sweeping all the trash on the ground,” City Councilmember Lorie Zapf said while pointing at an overflowing trash can.

It has been a long-time summer issue because of Mission Beach’s unique density combined with an influx of tourists. It has even been a health issue.

“its not just city’s opinion, health officials have said the problem here is unique,” Zapf said.

So, last summer business owners — particularly restaurant owners with patios — complained about the issue, citing Yelp reviews and other internet comments complaining about the flies. The San Diego City Council found $80,000 in the budget to allocate for the twice-weekly pickup last year.

It made an immediate impact. The bins were no longer a breeding ground for the flies, whose gestation period is only four to six days.

However, the thinking was that the city was only going to do this once — that it would then be up to the community to form a maintenance assessment district if they wanted a second pickup in 2017.

Some complained that Mission Beach was being favored. Zapf responded by saying the summer months brings extra police and lifeguard protection to San Diego’s beach communities. 

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