Proposal to replace old Mission Hills library with Permanent Supportive Housing Shelter for homeless angers residents

CORRECTION: KUSI is issuing a correction to this story. The proposal is to turn the old Mission Hills Library into Permanent Supportive Housing of 28 units, not a homeless shelter. The video below references “shelter” but it is Permanent Supportive Housing.

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mission Hills residents are furious tonight and they are sending a strong message to Mayor Kevin Falconer, objecting to a proposed permanent supportive housing in their neighborhood.

Mayor Faulconer and Councilmember Chris Ward have proposed converting the former Mission Hills Library into 28 units of permanent supportive housing for the homeless. It would be one of eight shelters going up in all parts of the city.

Residents argue the homeless moving in would threaten the kids attending the nearby Grant Elementary and bring visual blight to their charming nook in San Diego.

The city attempted to explain the homeless that would be helped are the people we don’t see, the mothers with children or the men living in their cars.

While you don’t have to be sober to get admitted into the shelter, you cannot have a felony record.  The idea being San Diego can avoid the scale of the homeless crisis being seen in Seattle and San Francisco if we act now.

Councilmember Chris Ward says if the residents have any recourse, that he will take their concerns to the developers who can address them while they’re building the shelter. He also mentions this is Mayor Faulconer’s plan, which is expected to start going into effect by the end of this year.

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