MMA Fighter Daniel Puder challenging bullies

“My life My Power” is a non-profit, anti-bulling campaign headed by celebrity Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Daniel Puder. Daniel is traveling the country talking about bullying in schools and how you can take a stance against it. 

Undefeated Heavy Weight MMA Super Star Daniel Puder joined KUSI’s Alexis DelChiaro on Good Morning San Diego to talk about his campaign. He also went toe-to-toe with KUSI fitness expert Cindy Whitmarsh.

An Open Message from Daniel Puder:

After hearing of the tragic news surrounding the recent suicides of people who were victims of bullying and intimidation, I felt a personal connection and wanted to do something about it.  Not just simply by saying a few public words, but by actually doing something that could make a difference to prevent other similar tragedies from happening.  That is why I have now committed myself to creating a national campaign to educate bullies and their victims by showing the consequences of bullying, why it is wrong and what you can do about it.
That is what MyLife MyPower is all about.
As a kid, I myself was bullied.  When I was young, I was in a special education program. Because of that, others students constantly made fun of me.  I was made to feel stupid and unimportant because of my ADHD.  My own self-worth suffered at the expense of those who bullied me.  
One day things came to a head and I lashed back at one of my tormentors and got into a fight with him, only to land myself in juvenile hall for fighting. It wasn’t the right thing to do, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson from that experience and it changed my life. And from that day on, I was determined I personally would never be bullied again.
And while things have worked out well for me both personally and professionally, I know others don’t have it as easy. It’s clear that all the recent suicides over bullying prove that bullying is much more prevalent than previously thought. Both bullying and cyber bullying is a bigger issue today than ever before and something needs to be done about it in a BIG way.
So I want you to know that – Enough is Enough – and it’s time to put an end to needless bullying of all kinds. Whether you’re bullied because of your race, sexual identity, learning disabilities, handicap, weight, appearance or any other trait that makes you different – it all has to end!
MyLife MyPower’s national campaign is intended to reach out to bullies, their victims, schools, teachers, parents and others… and I hope you’ll join me in that fight.
It’s time we stand up!  – Together we can make a difference in the way people think
– Daniel Puder

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