Mom Monday: Educational Toys on a Budget

Studies show that learning through play is an important part of a child’s development.

Jen Gibbons with The Toy Association visited the studio on Monday to share some affordable toys to get your child thinking and playing.

LeapStart® 3D Learning System (LeapFrog)
Price: $49.99
Ages: 2 -7
• Experience the magic of the LeapStart® 3D Interactive Learning System and get kids excited about learning with 3D-like animations that magically bring the activities to life.
• Perfect for visual or auditory learners, the touch and talk activities enhance learning with interactive animations to help kids build math, reading, problem-solving skills and more.
• The LeapStart® library of 25+ books (each sold separately) covers a variety of preschool through first grade subjects for 2-7 year olds with more than 30 activities in every book.
• Many replayable activities have two levels with 50+ key skills per grade level, so kids can play and learn at the level and move up when they’re ready.
• A total of 400+ activities across the LeapStart® library help kids build tomorrow’s skills today.

Pomsies™ (Skyrocket)
Price: $14.99 each
Age: 4+

•Part of the back to school fun is accessorizing…. loveable, fashionable, interactive plush pet you can wear and take anywhere – the perfect back-to-school accessory!
• Inspired by the pom-pom fashion trend, each Pomsies pet has a soft, cuddly fur face and tail you
can wrap around your wrist, hair, backpack, clothing and more – they are the ultimate accessory!
• Pomsies are interactive with two modes of play – Virtual Pet Mode and Freeze Dance Mode.
• They will tell you when they are happy, sleepy, or hungry with eyes that light up in different colors
and adorable sounds.
• Up to 50 different reactions with sounds only YOU can make happen.
• Six characters in the first Series.

Discovery Solar System Model (Horizon Group)
Price: $19.99
Ages: 8+

• Explore space and beyond with the Discovery Solar System Model! Introduce your child to the planets, stars and galaxies through the act of building, decorating and discussing the different features of each planet and where it belongs in relation to the sun.
• Create a three-dimensional mobile or build a diorama to display in their bedroom or playroom. Glow-in-the-dark stars and paints are included, so the fun doesn’t stop when the lights go out!
• Setup Time: 5 minutes
• Available on, Michaels and Walmart
Laser Maze (Think Fun)
Price: $29.99
Age: 8+
• “Beam-Bending Logic Maze Game” is recommended by American Mensa. This award winning maze game is designed for solo play and teaches STEM skills. Laser Maze requires you to use mirrors, beam-splitters, a little science and brainpower to direct the laser through a series of mind-challenging mazes and light up the target,
• $29.99.

Price: $29.99
Age: 8+
• Your kids will love studying the science of slime with these eight amazing varieties of the squishy, stretchy, slippery stuff. Includes slime, laser light, magnet and a 16-page learning guide.
• Available at

Selma’s Dolls
Price: $39.99
Age: 2+

• Could a little girl named Selma change the way people think about others who may look different from them? Her mother, Valerie Alva-Ruiz, created Selma’s Dolls in partnership with fellow mom Courtney Stillwagon to mirror the beauty within every religion, culture and physical and mental disability.
• The dolls are made for children ages 2 and up as a way to introduce the beauty of differences through play. Via the storybook, parents can teach their children that differences are special and lead to friendship and understanding. And ultimately those differences lead to wonder and acceptance.
• For more info:
Three available now:
ANNIE – A friend with Down syndrome + Book • $39.99 • Ages 2+
With her blond pigtails and engaging smile, Annie enchants every child who snuggles with her. Inside the hardback book, adults will find a letter and conversation starters, so they can feel comfortable starting the discussion around Down syndrome and other differences without feeling like the need to be an expert.
LOLA – A Mexican-American Friend + Book • $39.99 • Ages 2+
This adorable doll has a brown complexion and wears a pretty red flower in her dark hair, braided to one side. Look for the olive branches incorporated into her Mexican-inspired red dress. This doll, like the other two, comes with the illustrated storybook, First Day of School.
AMEENA – A Muslim Friend + Book • $39.99 • Ages 2+
Ameena wears a beautiful blue hijab, a head covering, worn in public by many Muslim women. Her green tunic represents a number of traditional associations and meanings in Islam. Ameena also comes with the hardback book and conversation starters for parents and caregivers.

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