Mommy Mondays — Toddler Tips with The Children’s School

SAN DIEGO (KUSI)- The Director of Early Childhood Programs at The Children’s School stopped by Good Morning San Diego to give some advice on how to talk about acknowledging a child’s successes or need for recognition.

“Research shows that using empty praise as in “Good job” can create a dependency in young children on external approval and affirmation, said Denise Nasrawi.

Educators recommend one of these alternatives when acknowledging a child’s successes or need for recognition:
– Make an observation based on facts – “WOW! That took you a really long time and you did it!”
– Put feelings into words – “Look how happy it made your friend feel when you shared!”
– Say thank you when you mean it – “It makes mornings/dinner/outings easier when you…thank you!”

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