Casteel Colts 28, Monte Vista Monarchs 21

After a very interesting and long lasting game at Monte Vista High School, the Casteel Colts from Queen Creek Arizona, came out on top yet again, raising their record to (4-0) after defeating the Monarchs in overtime (28-21). However, this does not mean the Monarchs did not put up a fight throughout the duration of the contest. On the contrary, Monte Vista was the first team this season to not be shut out by the Colts, not to mention shutouts consisting of 60 points or more.

Starting it off for the Colts in the first quarter, Mack Johnson runs for 8 yards and then finishes the drive by punching in a TD at the one yard line. As the Colts continue to drive the ball down field all throughout the first quarter, Gunner Cruz fires the ball at Brandt Goodwin for a 36 yard TD placing the Colts ahead at (14-0). This game seems to be over, right? Wrong! At the end of still the first quarter, Monarchs’ Amir Conley scores an 18 yard TD pass to put the Monarchs on the board (14-7).

Following a very eventful first quarter for both teams, the Monarchs yet again answer back with a 1 yard TD run by Jahmon McClendon placing the score at (14-13), Colts still ahead.

With about five minutes left in the third quarter, tensions began to rise as the Monarchs tie up the ballgame (21-21), making the Colts worry about their precious (3-0) record. Nevertheless, Casteel’s Zach Nelson completes a 26 yard pass landing the Colts on their own 1 yard line. In overtime, Colts own Mack Johnson yet again pushes into the end zone placing themselves on top with a final score of (28-21).

Ultimately, the 6 hour drive out from Arizona resulted in the Colts heightening their already impressive undefeated record to (4-0). With the Casteel Colts being a fairy new and notable program, their win against the Monarchs would be their very first win against a California team in Casteel history.

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PREVIEW: As we enter week 4 of an already very interesting start to the high school football season, this week’s game will determine whether the Casteel Colts will lengthen their already impressive record of (3-0) or if the Monte Vista Monarchs will even out their current record of (2-1). Let’s see if the Colts journey from Arizona to San Diego will play out in their favor for this week’s non-conference game against the Monarchs.

The Monarchs enter this week’s game after a (34-27) victory over the Patrick Henry Patriots where Jahmon McClendon rushed for a remarkable 226 yards. The ruthless stopping power of Monte Vista’s defense made it impossible for the Patriots to score until the second half, while the Monarchs continued to make the Patriots defense look foolish. With McClendon’s five rushing touchdowns against the Patriots, curiosity rises whether he will be able to perform identical results versus the Casteel Colts undefeated record.

The Casteel Colts from Queen Creek, Arizona have without a doubt revealed themselves as a force to be reckoned with as they are hosted by the Monte Vista Monarchs in Spring Valley, California. With their (3-0) record, shutout streak and ability to produce more than 60 points within past games, the Colts merciless offense and defense will show no mercy towards the Monarchs. QB Gunner Cruz has produced 778 passing yards thus far, and RB Mack Johnson with an impressive 391 rushing yards, proving that the Colts have fearless running backs and receivers with sticky hands.

Nevertheless, the Monarchs as well as the Colts are entering their fourth week with a previous win under their belts. Interest increases if the Colts will be able to continue their shutout streak against the Monarchs in the—much cooler setting of beautiful San Diego.

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