Monument dedicated to wounded warriors to be unveiled Wednesday at Camp Pendleton

CAMP PENDLETON (CNS) – A monument dedicated to wounded warriors will be unveiled Wednesday in a ceremony at the Wounded Warrior Battalion (West) complex at Camp Pendleton.

The sculpture is based on a photograph of two lance corporals carrying an injured sergeant out of a house a decade ago in Fallujah, Iraq. The Marine Corps is observing the 10th anniversary of the battle, which featured house-to-house combat and was the bloodiest in the Iraq War.

The artwork is being donated by Hope for Warriors, a national nonprofit that assists wounded members of the military and their families. It was created by John Phelps, whose son, Chance, was killed in Iraq in April 2004.

“I am honored to work with Hope For The Warriors in creating this monument,” said Phelps, a Vietnam veteran. “I express myself through my art and this monument is a labor of love for me. Love for not just my son but for my growing Marine Corps family.”

Phelps, the photographer who took the picture — Lucian Read, and one of the Marines in the photo, Chris Marquez, are scheduled to attend the dedication ceremony.

The second battle of Fallujah raged through November and into December 2004, and caused more than 100 U.S., British and Iraqi deaths. Around 1,500 insurgents and 800 civilians are believed to have died.

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