‘Morality over money’: Escondido passes toughest marijuana laws in California

ESCONDIDO (KUSI) — Not many people were watching, but the City of Escondido quietly outlawed every shape and form of marijuana possible.

“The Escondido City Council has approved the most restrictive ordinance possible against marijuana,” said Mayor Sam Abed. “We’re against the sales, the delivery, the dispensaries, everything. We don’t want marijuana in our city.”

After watching other cities approve a variety of regulations, Escondido has done the opposite. Approving absolutely nothing, as it pertains to state law.

“How’s it feel to be police chief with the toughest pot laws in California? That’s not a bad title, it sounds good, I’m good with that title,” said Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter.

Along with passing the toughest pot laws in California, they also modernized the so-called social host ordinance.

From now on, parents will be held responsible if they let their kids drink alcohol, smoke pot or take pills at home.

Parents could see jail time and a $10,000 fine.

“It tends to get their attention, when they see the fine, they think twice about having that party,” Chief Carter said.

Outside groups have threatened to come after Escondido. A variety of Cannabis advocates are threatening to make their own laws by using the citizens inititive sometimes called “direct democracy.”

“Now that they see these tough laws, I’m sure they’re going to come after us,” Chief Carter said. “They have the right to put it on the ballot, and we fill fight it. Our council and our community will fight it. I chose morality over money,” referring to the lost tax money for the city.

One thing the cities can not change, growing plants and possessing pot. Every adult in California has the right to grow six pot plants and possess up to an ounce of pot. No city government can change that part.


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