Korean mother-daughter duo write and illustrate children’s book during pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – During quarantine, author Christine Paik wrote a children’s book entitled, “The Girl in the Gold Dress” and her mother illustrated it.

It became a fun project they did while physically way from each other. The Girl In The Gold Dress

“The Girl in the Gold Dress” is loosely based on Paik’s own family history.

As a young girl, going to the library and getting new books was the highlight of Paik’s week.

And while she loved reading, the books never held characters that looked the way she did.

She followed the advice of the late author Beverly Cleary, who said that if you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.

Now, a lot of families and teachers have told Paik that they’ve incorporated Paik’s book into their readings.

Readers learn from the book that when they find themselves scared to be who they are, it’s a moment to step forward, which life is full of.

“Kids at an early age are exposed to the beauty of a different culture and grow up to be adults that respect this culture. And so, I think no matter what background you’re from, you can relate to this story,” Paik said.

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