Funeral held for little boy who drowned in canoe accident

The casket containing the body of 5-year-old Kee Ferraira is transfixed into an emotional magnet inside an Escondido church, in bringing together three people whose lives are turned upside down because of his tragic drowning.

A grieving mother on one side of the church, a grieving father, who was with Kee when he died, on the other. And in the back of the church, Janice Harman, the Los Angeles area woman who tried to save Kee's life after his lifeless body was pulled from the waters of Mission Bay last weekend.

Young Kee was in a canoe with his father when the canoe capsized and began to sink, with Kee trapped inside. By the time Kee's frantic father got his son to the surface, more than three minutes had elapsed.

Janice and her husband just happened to be riding their bikes when they heard the desperate cries of Kee's father. Janice immediately began CPR, enough to keep young Kee alive until he could be rushed to the hospital. Kee died two days later.

After the service for Kee ended Saturday, after they released balloons into the heavens with messages of love for him, and after they wheeled his tiny casket out of the church, KUSI introduced Kee's mother to the woman who tried so hard to save her little boy.

It was then that Janice was told that because of her efforts, Kee lived just long enough to donate key organs that saved the lives of five other children.

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