Mount Helix residents continue fighting the dumping of SVPs into community

MOUNT HELIX (KUSI) – Sarah Thompson, Mount Helix resident, among many others, are waiting in agony on a judge’s postponed ruling of placing sexually violent predator Douglas Badger in a Mount Helix home.

Liberty Healthcare Corporation’s representative, Kym Caudle, has said that the company would put up privacy fencing, Thompson said.

The efforts would be useless, Thompson added, saying that the neighborhood’s houses are built upon hills with full view of backyards.

Thompson lamented the lack of clear channels of communication with Liberty Healthcare.

“I want your viewers to understand that if these men don’t get placed at this home, they’re going to be placed somewhere,” Thompson said, adding that if Liberty Healthcare can’t find suitable placement for SVPs, they will release them onto the streets as transients.

“So even though Liberty says that they’re monitoring these men, they cannot give us an answer on how they’re properly monitoring a transient, sexually violent predator,” Thompson said.

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