Mounted Shooting at Del Mar brings the fun, firearms and fillies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Everyone has turned on their TV, clicked onto Netflix, or even wiped the dust off a VCR and seen the Old West.

From 50s and 60s escapades built from escapism, to 70s and 80s films stretched in widescreen and filled with content about a past time, even now with a slant toward realism down to the boots and hacked jeans, the feeling of pure Western culture is at the fingertips of our medium.

A group of people doesn’t want to spare the Old West to comic books and YouTube screens. They want to live it. Dress it. Shoot it.

Or in this case…ride it.

This is the story of the Roy Rogers Rangers Mounted Shooting Club of San Diego County and their quest to showcase the wonders of their culture at the Del Mar Arena. It’s a showcase of two difficult things – riding a horse and firing a gun – combined with one word, accuracy. They have to find that accuracy in front of the hundreds of spectators that will see them over the stretch of the Del Mar Fair and Expo.

The rules are simple: a running clock, a stallion that knows where it’s going, and two pistols loaded for bear with blanks that give off heat and smoke…enough to send a balloon to heaven without putting a bullet through latex (or into someone else).

They do it for show. They do it for fun. Family. Pride. Horsemanship.

And maybe most of all, to entertain the fans in such a way that they’ll adopt it too.

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