Move over Millennials- Generation Z is hitting town

The millennial workforce has become the center of attention in the media and the workplace for what seems like the last twenty years. But a big change is taking place now.  We have a new generation entering the workforce and they will shake things up even before the dust settles with the Millennials. They are known as Generation Z.

Members of this new Z generation, born from 1995 to 2012, are fiercely independent, extremely competitive, and motivated by a fear of missing out on things. They are by far the most diverse generation ever, and bring an entirely different set of qualities, needs and wants to the table.

This Z generation communicates almost entirely through screens and not always with actual words (GIFs, videos and emoji also do the trick). Gen-Z’ers are less idealistic and financial stability is very important to them.

Wow, why the huge wave of change from millennials who are all about flexibility, their own self-worth, the need to be coddled and feel hugely appreciated, or they bail without notice, and no new job to go to?  Lots of great talents but very difficult to manage.

So what does this mean for the way we operate our businesses, as we welcome them in as co-workers? As the first members of Generation Z are graduating from college, they too are searching for the job of their dreams.  In the workforce, probably in the same department at your company, we will now have Grandparents, Baby Boomers, Millennials and now Generation Z, all with very unique styles of management required.

According to a 2017 State of Workforce Management Report, 93 percent of executives said that millennials impacted their organizations. To prepare themselves for the impact of the next wave of workers, executives must understand the qualities, needs and wants of Generation Z.

Here are some key differences to be aware of:

  1. Gen Z Have Shorter Attention Spans, but are Extremely Tech Savvy. They live in a world of continuous updates and process information faster than other generations due to Snapchat and Vine. Technology is all they have known. Their technical abilities are almost second nature. With that, they expect immediate answers. If they don’t find what they are looking for in their first search, they are on to the next. Once they find their answer however, they become extremely committed and focused.
  2. They are Better Multi-Taskers. Gen Z can quickly shift between work and play. They can create documents on their computers, tablets and phones, while sitting in front of the TV, face-timing a friend. They do this with ease and detail. Might just be the new employee you are looking for. How organized will your office become?
  3. Gen Z has Higher Expectations than Millenials. However, their expectations are a little different. Gen Z are determined to plan ahead. They want to avoid the mistakes their millennial predecessors made. One thing us Millenials can be jealous of in regards to Generation Z: they avoid student loans like fire! Though they seem to be aiming for jobs in fields like education, medicine, and sales, they are finding ways to pay their own way! And they’re obsessed with developing contingency plans to help them navigate the dynamic job market. Gen Z are in favor of career and financial stability.
  4. Prepare for shifts in the Advertising again. Since this generation grew up with technology, and are constantly on their phones or devices, not watching as much live TV, we may experience a massive shift in advertising methods and marketing messages.
  5. In the workplace, Gen Z will need less overseeing. Simply give instructions, then take a step back and allow them to achieve that goal without constant supervision. They don’t wait for their parents to teach them things or tell them how to make decisions.” This translates to the workplace, where members of this growing generation will likely prefer to work and learn by themselves. Allowing them to dive into their work will do far more to motivate them.

It’s critical that we recognize Gen Z’s differences and meet them where they are, rather than where we want them to be. They face many of the challenges that everyone faces in that life, but Gen Z will be the most empowered. Without question, Gen Z has big aspirations for the future and are motivated to climb the ladder.  

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