Movie event: “Glickman – A Sports Legend”

Dec 11, 2012

The 23nd Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival, screens a pre-Festival pleaser: GLICKMAN, the inspirational story of an athlete legend who overcame bigotry, teamed with Jesse Owens, and revolutionized modern basketball imagery in the media. One night only!

Who got benched in the 1936 Olympics to placate Hitler and was replaced by Jesse Owens (who won the race anyway)? Who invented modern basketball broadcasting with terms like “swiiiish” or “top of the circle” or “baseline”?

The answer is Marty Glickman and you can hear his story on December 11th. PLUS, meet the film maker who produced this remarkable documentary about Glickman.

Event web site:

Single tickets are $13.75 (Check for student/faculty discounts)

For tickets or information call 858-362-1348 or click here.

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