Ms. Mallory Adventures: How does soap fight viruses activity

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mallory Lindsay, host of Ms. Mallory Adventures joined Good Morning San Diego in making quicksand with cornstarch and water.

How does soap fight viruses activity:

In order to do this experiment you will need a plate, pepper, water (enough to fill plate) and. liquid hand soap or dish soap (helps if in a small lid that a finger can be dipped in).

Soap consists of molecules that are dual-natured: one side wants to bond with water and the other side wants to bond with fat & protein that surrounds the virus.

Once the soap molecules bond with the virus, the virus can no longer stay attached to the surface and is washed down the drain.

This is why washing fo atleast 20 seconds is important, the soap molecules need time to break the ‘connections.’

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