Ms Mallory: Do’s & Dont’s of rattlesnake season

SAN DIEGO(KUSI) – Ms Mallory joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the Do’s & Dont’s of  Rattlesnake Season

On the Trail:

  • Stay on trail when hiking, away from tall weeds and underbrush.  Watch sides of trails where snakes can lay to have access to sun and quick escape.
  • Avoid wearing sandals and shorts when in areas you can’t see where you are placing your feet. Wear sturdy boots and loose-fitting long pants.
  • Do not approach a snake, even if it appears dead.
  • Never place your hands or feet where you can’t see. Always look before picking up rock, sticks, or firewood.
  • Never hike alone in remote areas.  
  • Teach children to identify snakes and leave them alone. Picking up snakes out of curiosity can lead to bites.

At Home:

  • Killing snakes out of fear can lead to unnecessary bites. Best way to keep snakes away:
  • Remove their food source.  Bird feeders and keeping pet food outside can also attract rodents.
  • Get rid of debris and brush piles. Not only do these items attract rodents, but they also provide shelter for snakes.
  • Keeping non-venomous snakes- like gopher snakes, kingsnakes, and racers around can provide competition for rattlesnakes.  
  • Kingsnakes are natural predators of rattlesnakes.

‘Rattlesnake-proof’ your fence. Create a fence that is either solid or with metal mesh no larger than one-quarter inch. Fence should be atleast 3 ft high and the bottom buried a few inches under the ground.

What you should NOT do after a rattlesnake bite:
• DON’T apply a tourniquet.
• DON’T pack the bite area in ice.
• DON’T cut the wound with a knife or razor.
• DON’T use your mouth to suck out the venom.
• DON’T let the victim drink alcohol

To read more about rattlesnake safety in Southern California, visit the Ms.Mallory Adventures Website.

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