Ms.Mallory Lindsay: Ways To Keep Unwelcome Wildlife Neighbors Out of Your Yard

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County is considered to be in the top 10 most biodiverse regions in the world; in fact, it has more species of plants, animals, and other living organisms (biodiversity) than any other county in the US.

So it is no surprise that we have a healthy population of raccoon and opossum roaming around in San Diego’s figurative backyards. Raccoons help keep rodents and pesky insect populations down (they actually like wasp nests); meanwhile, opossums can eat thousands of ticks a year and love animal leftovers. Although they are very important for our environment, many of us don’t want them interacting with our pets or rummaging through our trash. That’s okay. It’s important to keep wild animals wild and away from humans- for their safety and ours.

Here are a few ways to keep these curious creatures out of your backyards according to Ms. Mallory:

• Secure trash can
• Keep an eye on your bird feeders
• Pick up fallen fruits and nuts
• Reduce nesting sites like open sheds or entries points to under a house
• Put a fence up around your garden, pond, compost pile, newly installed turf.
• Bring in pet food.

Never intentionally feed a wild animal. Animals that become accustomed to humans for food often become problematic and result in being euthanized.

If you believe you have a raccoon or opossum issue, contact your local (humane) wildlife trapper. If you believe you have found a sick, injured, or orphaned animals, please contact Project Wildlife 619-299-7012

Although wild animals typically do not carry rabies, it is still a good idea to bring in pets at night to avoid interactions. Speaking of pets, it is National Shelter and Rescue Center Awareness Week. Support your local shelter by donating old towels and blankets, providing funds for services, or even welcoming a new member to your family.

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