Ms. Mallory shares fun facts about the pacific tree frog

(KUSI) – Mallory Lindsey from Ms. Mallory Adventures joined Good Morning San Diego to share fun facts about the pacific tree frog.

• A small frog with a large head, large eyes, a slim waist, round pads on the toe tips, limited webbing between the toes, and a wide dark stripe through the middle of each eye that extends from the nostrils to the shoulders.
• Legs are long and slender.
• Skin is smooth and moist.
• Often there is a Y-shaped marking between the eyes.
• Top of body green, tan, brown, gray, reddish, cream, but it is most often green or brown.
The underside is pale with yellow underneath the back legs.

Where to find them:
• Although their name says tree frog, you will most likely see them on the ground
• Near small ponds, streams and creeks.
• mainly nocturnal
• tadpoles in pools can be seen until July
How to find them:
• Right now it is mating season!  SO keep an ear out. They are the most commonly heard frogs in San Diego & you should already know the call.

The call of the Baja California Treefrog is known throughout the world through its wide use as a nighttime background sound in old Hollywood movies, even those which are set in areas well outside the range of this frog.

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