El Cajon Police Dept. hopes to support brave MTS employee who assisted injured officer with her financial hardships

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The MTS employee who stepped forward and helped an El Cajon police officer who was brutally beaten by a transient man, is being recognized for her efforts and now needs help herself. 

While Officer Sioson was unconscious on the ground after a man he was attempting to arrest attacked him, 34-year-old Iesha Booker quickly stepped in and used his police radio to transmit “Officer Down at the KFC!”

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"It was that transmission which allowed us to expedite help to Officer Sioson, quickly arrest the suspect," said Travis Howard, President of the El Cajon Police Officers Association. 

Iesha told law enforcement officials she was just trying to help Officer Sioson get home to his family and doesn’t think of herself as a hero.

According to a press release from the El Cajon Police Officers Association, law enforcement officials learned that Iesha is a single mother of seven children; who range from 13 years to 10 months old.

She was recently renting a home that was sold off by the owner, causing her to have to move out without any place to go.  She is now living in her vehicle with her seven kids while trying to get emergency housing.  She is also behind on her car payments and is worried they will soon repossess her vehicle; truly leaving her homeless.

After speaking with social workers, the El Cajon POA, in conjunction with the El Cajon Professional Firefighters’ Association, are joining together with the Octoberstache charitable organization, in an attempt to get her emergency housing.

"We are hoping to get public support behind Iesha and help her out of her financial hardship. We have set up a GoFundMe account for Iesha Booker. Those of you who wish to make a contribution to Iesha, please follow the link (https://www.gofundme.com/ieshafund). We again want to thank Iesha for quickly stepping in and assisting our officer," according to the El Cajon POA. 

Officer Sioson, a 28-year law enforcement veteran, remains hospitalized, recovering from extensive injuries sustained during the attack. 

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