MTS offers commemorative passes, increased transit for Comic-Con 2017

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The Metroplitan Transit Service wants visitors to know they are prepared for shuffling crowds to and from San Diego Comic-Con as thousands prepare to hit the city for the event.

MTS employees dressed as superheroes launched a "Join the League" advertisement to alert convention-goers to their increased transit service from July 20 to July 23. Trolley service will run as frequently as every 7-and-a-half minutes until at least midnight most days. For specific transit times, visit

MTS recommends downloading the Compass Cloud mobile app to stay up to date with the latest transit information. 

Commemorative passes will also be offered this year featuring comic-book style art. Passes may be purchased starting July 1 at the Transit Store on Imperial Ave. or at select transit locations during Comic-Con. More information here.  

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