MTS approves project to provide affordable housing options for San Diegans

SAN DIEGO (KSUI) – On Thursday, Sept. 15 a recent systemwide customer satisfaction survey was presented to the Board of the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS).

The survey took months to complete and covered many of the most critical aspects of costumer satisfaction including safety, cleanliness and fare equity.

KUSI’s Elizabeth Alvarez went live at MTS headquarters with more on what the results of this study may prompt for MTS.

At the board meeting , MTS leaders voted to approve the transit-oriented development project and enter into an agreement with the company Bernardo Family Housing. The metropolitan transit system approved a project involving the Rancho Bernardo transit station that would provide more affordable housing options for San Diego residents.

The area is 99k square feet and 13-percent would be used as commercial space.

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