MTS trolleys and buses being sanitized to prevent spread of Hepatitis A

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — It’s been almost a month since the County Department of Health and Human Services issued a memo directing the City of San Diego to sanitize public right-of-ways to stop the spread of Hepatitis A.

The Metropolitan Transit System, the agency that runs the area’s buses and trolley system is adopting some of those same precautions to help safeguard the health of its riders.

The Metropolitan Transit System operates 800 buses and 128 trolley cars and they are cleaned every day, once they return to the service yard.

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Because of concerns over the growing Hepatitis A outbreak, extra precautions are now part of the daily cleaning routine. Several weeks ago, the transit agency began supplementing their regular disinfectant with a stronger, chlorine bleach solution to make sure that every surface is completely disinfected.

The cleaning crews also take extra steps to protect themselves by wearing masks and gloves.

The gloves are changed frequently so that the crews don’t end up contaminating other areas as they clean. Handrails, door handles, and seat backs are given extra attention. As another measure, the cleaning crews will dispose of the cloths they use when they clean.

MTS spokesperson Mark Olson said trolley stations are also power washed with the same bleach solution that the City is using to clean and decontaminate downtown right- of- ways and streets. The agency is also planning to install hand-washing stations at the El Cajon, Grossmont and 8th Street trolley stops.

The MTS said its riders can help by reporting anything that might help to keep the system cleaner and safer. This is the phone number to call:  619 -595-4960.

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