Multiple Pacific Beach bars & restaurants vow to stay open and defy orders to close

Bub’s Bar and Grill:

Thrusters Lounge:

PACIFIC BEACH (KUSI) – A number of local restaurants are banding together, refusing to close next week if the County’s case rate exceeds the state’s minimum amount.

Wednesday, KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with the owner of Rudford’s Restaurant in North Park, Jeff Kacha. Kacha explained that the weather gets pretty hot in his area, reaching 90 degrees on some days. As a result, he has seen a decrease in customers because they don’t want to sit outside in the heat. Kacha also said that he simply cannot stay in business if forced to operate at 25% capacity.

Kacha’s story has resulted in other bars and restaurants to speak out in opposition to the potential move back into the most restrictive reopening tier.

So, KUSI’s Dan Plante made his way to Pacific Beach to speak to the owners of multiple bars and restaurants who will defy state orders and remain open.

Plante started at Bub’s Bar and Grill where he spoke with owner Todd Brown before making his way down Garnet Ave. where he visited different establishments that plan on defying state orders to close if they are implemented.

Brown explained there’s many businesses that are barely surviving the government’s intense regulation. He told KUSI’s Dan Plante he has done everything right, “and that’s the frustration with everybody.” Brown doesn’t think “the numbers justify the means.”

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