Names released of lawmen involved in death of suspect in custody

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The names of two lawmen involved in arresting a uncooperative suspect who died in custody were released Thursday. 

Jeffrey Perine and Armin Vianzon, a deputy and a corporal, respectively, with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, were confronted by Mark Roshawn Adkins on Saturday morning while responding to reports of several attempted home invasions in the 8100 block of Lemon Grove Way.

Adkins, who reportedly had been jumping over fences into people’s yards and trying to get into residences allegedly refused the two patrolmen’s repeated orders to surrender after they found him in a patio area at a townhouse complex, sheriff’s Lt. Kenneth Nelson said.

In an attempt to subdue the 54-year-old suspect, Perine and Vianzon shot him with electric stun guns, Nelson said. Adkins collapsed to the ground but then tried to stand again.

“A second round of (shocks) was deployed, with the same minimal effect,” Nelson said.

At that point, Perine and Vianzon rushed the suspect and were able to pin him down and handcuff him.

Paramedics were evaluating and treating Adkins at the scene of the confrontation when he passed out, according to sheriff’s officials. An ambulance crew then took the Lemon Grove resident to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead several hours later.

A cause-of-death ruling was on hold pending completion of postmortem exams, including toxicology screenings, the lieutenant said.

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